Compression and tensión rods for civil construction

Product data sheet:

Tension Rods

The m connect tension rod systems are the ideal components to distribute tension forces in an elegant manner. They are suited to all types of suspension and anchoring.
They are suitable for all types of hanging systems and they are provided with connecting components which ensure bigger flexibility.

Compression struts

The m connect compression strut systems are specially designed to bear and distribute compression forces, but are also able to take up tension loads.
They are ideally suited to act as stabilizing elements and supports, suspension components on simultaneous compression loads and compression struts in frame construction.
By combining compression strut and tension rod systems, additionally construction possibilities are available.

Threaded connection elements

We offer a wide range of high quality and precision threaded connecting components. An appropriate surface treatment guarantees a long operating life in highly corrosive environments or under extreme temperatures.


The application possibilities of our struts and threaded components are as diverse as the possibilities in steel, steel-wood and steel-glass construction:
- Trade fairs or exhibition halls.
- Bus stations and airports.
- Construction of bridges and pedestrian bridges.
- Malls.
- Glass ceilings and facades.
- Industrial buildings
- Indoor sports facilities.
- Towers and big tents
- etc.



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