Fabric expansion joints

Product data sheet:

When gases and gas mixtures like air flue gas, acid or alkaline gases containing aggressive, abrasive or liquid components are being transported, fabric expansion joints are requested as flexible structural elements.

The principal advantage of the technical fabric compensator (TFC) is their ability to absorb any multidimensional movements of the adjoining pipes due to high flexibility and relatively small counteraction force. The flexibility allows to build simple pipeline tracks and the latter quality enables development of economical technical solutions for the fixed points of pipeline constructions.

This solution saves the customer a lot of money, due to the adaptable TFC, which enable the use of less heavy and complicated constructions for the distribution pipelines.  As only soft materials are used in the TFC manufacturing, the value of their mechanical deformation resistance, compared to metal sheet compensators, can practically be neglected.

In this field, Goizea represents the company Kompaflex DMM, which belongs to Kompaflex AG group


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