Expansion joints

Product data sheet:

As expansion joints are necessary components in order not to compromise the operation of equipment and systems in a project, Goizea supplies expansion joints adapted to all customers’ requirements, both standardised as well astailor made. 

As a result we provide unique solutions in terms of shape, size, materials, or any additional requirements our customers may have. 

We have the know-how of leading companies in technological solutions for all types of applications:

a. Metal expansion joints: We are experts in special materials, large diameters, small installation spaces and all kind of specific requirements.

b. Textile expansion joints: required in pipelines for gases and other gas mixtures such as combustion gases, acid or alkaline gases, etc. which contain abrasive components. Their main advantage is the ability to absorb any multidimensional displacement of the pipes to be connected, due to their high flexibility and load resistance.

c. Rubber expansion joints: specially designed forpipes carrying liquid fluids where thermal expansions and vibrations are given. Our wide range of rubber expansion joints (20 types) in 8 different rubber qualities and configuartionsguarantees a tailor-made solution for every application. As we keep a large permanent stock of rubber expansion joints from DN 20 to 1000, we can provide fast delivery.