IBERDROLA INGENIERÍA has awarded Goizea with the supply for all pipe supports, as well as with some engineering services, for the construction of the Salem combined cycle plant, of 674 megawatts (MW) installed capacity .

The project has been awarded to Iberdrola by Footprint Power, a US company which develops initiatives to replace coal and oil-fired plants by other facilities, which include modern electricity generation plants . Thus the Salem Combined Cycle Plant, located about 30 kilometers from Boston (Massachusetts), will replace the coal-fired Salem Harbor Station, currently located on the same site, which is 63 years old and is being dismantled at the moment.

The plant will be completely covered by a modern building, fully adapted to the environment, which has been designed by Cookfox Architects.

The IBERDROLA subsidiary will be in charge of all the pahses of the project, including engineering, supply, construction and commissioning of the facility. Furthermore, it will develop landscaping work which will be carried out after the completion of the works.

The plant will be one of the first great power combined cycles in the world that incorporates GE Flex-efficiency design. This modern system tries to redefine the standards of operating flexibility of the facilities, and includes gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and improved plant controls which maximize energy resources of generation plants.

This new project consolidates Goizea as one of the leading supports suppliers for IBERDROLA, and is also the most international Spanish company in its sector, with presence in over 20 countries. Goizea has recently been able to develop, important projects for its customers in such competitive markets as the US, Germany, Morocco and South Africa.